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About Mentoring

We love our mentors! They are the backbone of our organization and our mentoring program. Our mentors' passion and commitment to our mission of restoring dignity and purpose to a recovering community one relationship at a time is lost without the dedicated men and women who serve our community.


Most of us have had the good fortune of mentors throughout our lives beginning with our parents and grand parents, followed by good teachers and coaches, pastors and even bosses. We are blessed when we do because they help us navigate through life, shaping our world view, influencing us toward the greater virtues, and investing in our lives, 'paying it forward'. However, never misunderstand the role of mentor as strictly a one way relationship. My experience as a mentor with Second Chance has been one of mutual growth and benefit. As I share my life experiences with my mentees, I continuously find I can learn much from them as well, not the least of which is compassion, understanding, and a humble appreciation for the people God has always placed in my life. Though we are all accountable for our actions and decisions in this world, we all don't have the same starting point. The ultimate mentor is Christ, the author of second chances. We are all offered that opportunity by him, not because it is deserved but because of love. He is far more interested in how we finish than how we start. Being a mentor to others is a privilege and an opportunity to be a conduit of God's love, as you invest in the lives of others, taking a genuine interest in their growth and wellbeing, they begin to see their own true value to themselves, to others, and to the Father above.

Peter T. - Mentor

Reduced Recidivism

Over 500 deserving citizens have received support and were matched with a mentor who provides support and encouragement. In a recent survey, recidivism rates were reduced when citizens received support, such as our Pathways Mentorship Program, upon reentry. 

Effective mentors have the following characteristics: 

  • The ability to listen.

  • ​The ability to look past circumstances in the mentee's life and find positive potential that can be developed.

  • An attitude of tolerance and patience, understanding that the growth process takes time, and trusting God for the transformation of the mentee's life.

  • The ability to empathize with the many failures the mentee has experienced and to encourage rather than find fault.

  • The insight and wisdom to help the mentee maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

  • The ability and willingness to share personal experiences that will encourage the mentee. 

  • The ability to direct the mentee to specific Bible passages and Christian literature that will help him or her become grounded in the faith

  • Strong connections to a local church.

Not ready to join us as a mentor yet? That's okay! We can always need extra hands to help us as volunteers.


The feeling of helping others and making a difference in our community is priceless.

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